31 Mar 2010


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29 Mar 2010

I'm soooo excited.

I have just had some exciting news today from Robyn at My Pink Stamper.

Well I guess you'd like to know why and what made me get soo excited.

I've just won the biggie prize of  Provo Crafts The Gypsy in the big giveaway over at My Pink Stamper website, i almost passed out with shock/excitement when i read the email.


I can't wait for it to arrive.

28 Mar 2010


Sorry for not updating sooner, i've not been too well with all the stress and the recovery of my surgery its been taking its toll on my body.

Well I didn't get up north to see my dad ( reasons i don't want to get into as it is too upsetting ), i've been so stressed out that my scalp is flaking really badly and i'm getting chest pains. I need to get checked out at the doctors for this. I will now be going up north to see him Easter weekend and hopefully be in a better frame of mind to update when i get back.

Dad is not fairing too well at the moment but don't know everything till i get up there to hear it first hand from dad himself. I've been getting bits and bats of info from my eldest sister, but she's not a very reliable source and have had to ask my uncle for info as he's been at his bedside everyday day since his diagnosis. All i know is that he can't get out of bed because of the pain he's in and he can't each solid food because his throat is very sore. The Macmillan nurses go in daily to give him pain relief injections to keep him comfortable. He also can't have Chemo or Radium therapy because his heart won't stand the treatment. This is everything that i know and will update when i get home after Easter.

Take care & Hugs

9 Mar 2010


Sorry peeps, i'm not gonna be contributing to my blog for sometime. I was told last week that my father has terminal cancer, so myself and my daughter are gonna be going up North to Burnley to see him and stay for wee while. I'm told he only has at the max a few months left has it is his left lung and liver.

I'll try and update when i can......

Christine xx

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