19 Oct 2009

Feeling dreadful again!

I must apologise for my non existance on here. I have had family visiting for the past week
and after they went I started feeling under the weather yet again, got the start of a sore throat and cold again. Its only been a week since i got over the last cold that lasted for 3wks. I blame my 18month old nephew Leo. My sister and Brother in law came down from up North(Carnforth) for a week and Leo was just coming to the end of his cold but was so very generous that he gave us his before going home on Saturday...:-( The last time they came down i so ill from a sickness virus he had brought down with him that I was throwing up and going to the loo every 10 mins, Danny my hubby was the same and his mum too. Oh well these are the joys of living in different parts of the country. The viruses in other parts of the country are different strains, so when you think you won't get another cold..whallop you do when family or friends visit.

I'll just have to wait to see how long this one lasts for.


Wendy said...

Hope you are feeling better

Christine said...

I've been diagnosed with onset of flu. I've got a temperature of 38.4 so naturally got worried about swine flu, so Danny went on the pandemic website and gave it all my symptoms and ruled out lots of others it asked. And the result was I have flu. Been told i have to collect some anti viral drugs from a collection point, and not to come into contact with anyone for 7 days.

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