11 Dec 2009

Look what my hubby has bought me for Krimbo!!

Well i was so gobsmacked when the postie delivered this parcel, and to my surprise my hubby had ordered the Pink Bind It All for me for Krimbo. I had wanted one like for ever and he surprised me with it to. Not only had he got me the Bind it All, but he got the toolkit and the tote too....yeah!! HE'S SO GOOD TO ME AND I LOVE HIM TO BITS....mushy mushy.


Wendy said...

well done to your hubby, tell him to phone mine and give him ideas.
now wrap it up and put it under the tree ubtl next week ROFL.
Hope you had a great birthday babes

Debbie Dolphin said...

thats what i call a fab pressie.Watch out or your daughter will be after this too.I know mine would especially with it being pink
debbie xxx

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