26 Feb 2010

I'm in hospital today

I peeps, I am currently in hospital and have brought my hubby's laptop in with me as they have a WIFI connection in the room. I am having my Gall Bladder removed this morning at around 11am'ish and am getting very anxious at the thought of going into theatre and being put under.

The nurses here in the Oaks Hospital in Colchester are very nice, caring and friendly. But it still doesn't stop me from worrying. I've seen the consultant and Anaethsetist and they've tried to put my mind at ease and have advised that i have a pre-med to calm me down a bit. I've had nothing to eat or drink since midnight and my tummy is beginning to think my throat has been cut....lol, my mouth feels like fungus....yuk!

Anyway i need to get into my Op gown now and those passion killing stockings they have you wear...lol

If i'm feeling up to it i'll pop back later this evening and give an update after my op.

Wish me luck, cos i'm gonna need it.

Christine xxx

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Pascale said...

Hi Christine I hope your op goes well. I know what you mean about stockings I had them after my c section and couldn't wait to get them off LOLx Take care and look forward to hearing it was a success hugs Pascale x

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