24 Sep 2010

Not Well

I feel bad i've not been keeping up with my blogging, I've been dreading the day when the kids went back to school and started bringing home bugs and germs from other children and passing them onto me and their daddy.

Well i have been full of  a cold now for almost 2 weeks and there's no sign yet of it clearing up....:-(  I have the bad cough now and catarrh on my chest and bad headaches. I'm hoping there is a sign of improvement by Saturday for my kiddies birthday party. Ryan has just turned 6 and Sophie will be 5 on the 3rd Oct, so they're having a joint party midway between their birthdays. I really don't feel up to it, but its all booked now so can't cancel.....oh well i'll have to grin and bare it.

I'll be back soon I hope.

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