22 Dec 2011

Lack of posts...:-(

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas
and a Fantastic 2012

Sorry for the lack of posts this last month, I have not been well. I have got a very bad cough and cold, I had a chest infection and now I have sinusitis with my lips full of cold sores which are quite painful (i'm not a pretty sight at the best of times but now I look worse...lol). So i'm feeling sorry for myself right now. 

I hope to get back in the swing of things after Christmas. Thanks for being patient.

Christine xx


Poppet said...

I hope you feel better soon Christine and have a great Christmas. :-) xx

Penny Duncan Creations said...

What a sweetheart you are...I just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for your VERY sweet message you left on my blog!!! It really means ALOT!!!

Sally said...

Hope you are starting to feel much much better now...and keeping warm in this wintery weather.

Looking forward to seeing more of your creativeity


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