29 Apr 2010

Dad lost his fight!

Well my Dad has finally lost his fight against cancer. He died peacefully in his sleep at 06.45am this morning. I have always had an on off relationship with my dad all my life and up until i found out he had cancer, we hadn't spoken for over 18mths. We had a silly argument over something so stupid and we were both too stuborn to give in and make amends.

My Dads brother  spoke to him and he had finally gave in and he said i could go and see him...which was a break through and i thank him for that, but my sister Wendy put a spanner in the works and he again refused to see me.  On Saturday just gone my hubby and my self took the children round to see him and he still refused to let us in to see him, so we drove the 300+ miles back home and i thought sod him.  Then on Tuesday my Uncle phoned me and said he had just found out that we had tried to see him on Saturday and was disgusted that he turned us away and gave him a telling off and got him to change his mind. We had planned to go and see him this Saturday and now its too late, I can't say my good byes now and/or apologise for the argument we had and for the things we both said to each other...


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Wendy said...

sorry to hear about your dad, i have just sent you an email.
hugs wendy

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